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Which colors blend to form red?

Watercolor artist Keiko Tanabe invites us into her studio to learn color mixing alongside her. She shows how subtle neutrals can be -- even made with primary colors -- and answers a popular question: what colors make gray?

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What colors blend with purple and red?

Like any other neighboring colors in the color wheel, red and violet look amazing together. This combination sends a message of approachability and casualty that is easily translated to any personal style or occasion. This duo is called analogous and can actually include up to three or four neighbors in the color wheel, such as red, red violet, violet and blue violet.

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What colors do you use to make red

The color red is a primary color and the color at the long-wavelength end of the visible spectrum. [SUMMARY] Humankind started with just one shade of red which our ancestors used to make cave paintings and to paint their skin. Now there are over 40 varieties of red with different tinges of yellows and blues as well as

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Which colors can I mix to make red?

Welcome to a world of vibrant hues and unexpected combinations in our guide: "What Color Does Red and Green Make Mixed Together?" Ever wondered how painters create a rainbow from just three primary colors? Or how your printer magically transforms simple inks into a full spectrum on paper? Dive into the heart of color t