How to create unicorn eyes

If you don’t want to fuss with fondant, you can use my friend’s awesome unicorn horn mold. Fill it with chocolate or isomalt and you’ll have a perfect unicorn horn for your cake!

Unicorn Cake Tutorial

An easy rainbow unicorn cake that’s soooo cute! This unicorn cake is rainbow on the inside and outside! I love how pretty the rainbow cake batter turned out using my white velvet buttermilk cake recipe . The rainbow buttercream mane topped with sprinkles and a pretty gold unicorn horn just makes this the cutest rainbow unicorn cake evah!

unicorn cake

I first created this unicorn cake class for a friends daughter and her bestie. I pre-made the cakes and frosted them so all they had to do was decorate them. I was really impressed with how well the girls did with the piping of the hair! The thing they struggled with the most was rolling out fondant eyelashes lol.

kids unicorn cake class

Rainbow cake recipe

Ok the first step, make the cakes. I whipped up a batch of my white velvet cake for this recipe because it tastes AMAZING but also is a very white cake so it takes the color really well. Other good options are the white cake recipe and WASC cake. Vanilla cake uses egg yolks so the batter tends to make the blue turn green.

rainbow cake recipe

I love how this rainbow cake turned out! It’s super fun to make and a great excuse to get colorful!

  1. Divide your cake batter into 4 bowls.
  2. I used Americolor electric food coloring because I love their bright neon colors. I used electric pink, electric blue, electric yellow, and electric green.
  3. Add 1-2 teaspoon of food coloring to each bowl and mix.
  4. Layer your cake batter into three 6″ cake pans that are prepared with cake goop (homemade pan release)
  5. I layered my colors in this order, blue, pink, yellow, green (repeat).
  6. Bake in the oven at 335ºF for 30-35 minutes until a toothpick comes out clean.
  7. Immediately tap the cake on the counter to release air pockets and reduce shrinking.
  8. Let cool 10 minutes before removing from the pan by inverting onto a cake rack. Freeze 1 hour before frosting or wrap in plastic wrap and chill overnight.

How to make the unicorn cake

After my cakes are chilled, I stack and fill them with my easy buttercream recipe and smooth out the buttercream with a bench scraper. If you need more info on how to make a cake, check out my free tutorial on the basics of how to make your first cake.

how to make a unicorn cake

I don’t worry too much about getting the sides perfectly smooth but if you follow the last step in my easy buttercream recipe, you’ll have buttercream that is pretty much bubble free.

easy buttercream frosting made with pasteurized egg whites, butter and sugar. Not too sweet and very creamy.

How to Make Fondant Unicorn Eyes

  • Eyes template – I drew mine freehand guided by images I searched on the internet.
  • Fondant – I used Satin Ice fondant in white and black. For the purple part of the eyes, I used Americolor Electric Purple food color.
  • Extruder tool – I used the extruder tool for the black outlines of the eyes and the eye lashes.
  • Oval cutters – I used the oval cutters for the white twinkle dots in the eyes.

Eyes paper template

  • First of all, I got the unicorn eyes template ready. As I mentioned above, I drew mine freehand. This was the template. If you notice, the eye has both top and bottom lashes, but my final fondant eyes only has the top lashes. I decided not to proceed with the lower lashes as I felt that the top lashes were sufficient to make the unicorn eyes cute and dreamy.

Paper templates cut into different sized ovals

  • I then traced each component of the eye onto parchment paper and cut them out.
  • Once I had the templates ready, I started cutting them out in fondant. I started with the white fondant. I rolled it thin and cut out two pieces of white ovals.

Paper template on rolled fondant

2 oval shaped white fondant cut outs

  • And then, I cut out the purple ovals.

Oval paper template on purple rolled fondant

2 purple oval fondant cut outs

  • And finally, the black ovals:

Oval paper template on brown fondant

2 oval brown fondant cut outs

  • Once I had the oval shapes in white, purple and black ready, I went on assembling them. Before attaching them with shortening, I arranged them first so that I get the order and position correct.

2 oval brown fondant cut outs on slightly larger purple oval fondant cutouts

A set of 2 oval fondant cutouts in white, purple and dark brown stacked together

A set of 2 oval fondant cutouts in white, purple and dark brown stacked together

  • Once I was happy with the position and shape, I attached them together with shortening.

Attaching the fondant unicorn eyes to the cake

  • The next step was to place the eyes on the cake. The challenge here was to make sure both the eyes were aligned horizontally. To ensure this, I attached the eyes based on rough estimation first and then adjusted the position by measuring the gap between the top of the cake and each eye.
  • And since the eyes were attached using shortening, adjusting their position on the cake was not a problem.

Using a ruler to measure the spacing from the top of the cake to the fondant eyes on the top tier cake

Using a ruler to measure the spacing from the top of the cake to the fondant eyes on the top tier cake

A two tier white cake with 2 large fondant eyes on the top tier

  • This was how the eyes looked like after measuring and alignment.

A long thin strip of brown fondant

  • The next step was to complete the outline for the eyes. I used an extruder tool with a small round disc to produce thin black strips of fondant.
  • To attach the black strip, I applied shortening all around the unicorn eyes and carefully attached the black strip all around each eye.

Applying shortening to fondant unicorn eyes

A two tier white cake with 2 large fondant eyes on the top tier

  • I used a spatula to ensure the fondant strip is closely attached to the unicorn eyes.

A two tier white cake with 2 large fondant eyes on the top tier

Using a palate knife to adjust the outline of the fondant eyes on the front of a two tier cake

Marking the cake for fondant eyelashes

  • Once the outline was done, I went on to complete the eye lashes. I used the eyes template earlier as a guide and marked tiny dots on the cake where each lash would begin and end.

A two tier white cake with 2 large fondant eyes on the top tier

  • Before attaching the lashes, I added another layer of the black fondant strip to the top portion of the eyes.

Adding the eye lashes

A two tier white cake with 2 large fondant eyes on the top tier

  • And then, I attached the lashes.

Rolled white fondant with oval cut outs. Oval plunger cutters are in the background

  • The final step for making the fondant unicorn eyes to to add the white eyeball and twinkle to each eye. For this purpose, I used oval plunger cutters in two sizes. I cut the shapes out of thinly rolled white fondant.
  • The larger ovals went on first, followed by the smaller ones:

A two tier white cake with 2 large fondant eyes on the top tier

A two tier white cake with 2 large fondant eyes on the top tier

A two tier white cake with 2 large fondant eyes on the top tier

  • And this was how the completed eyes of the unicorn looked like:

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

And if you would like to read on how I decorated the rest of the unicorn cake, click on the image below for step by step tutorial and pictures:

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