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How to incorporate acrylic paints

Welcome to the wonderful world of Acrylic paint! Acrylic paint is a great option for beginner painters to explore and experiment with, and we have an array of options for budding creatives. Keep reading to discover answers to the most commonly asked acrylic painting questions.


Day of the dead bone painting

Colourful sugar skulls and the grinning La Calavera Catrina: even if you've never celebrated The Day of the Dead, you're likely familiar with its bony iconography. Today, the departed are honoured with gifts like flowers and sweets. Our offering? Skull art created by Canadians. Some pieces are steeped in tradition, others just find beauty — among other things — in mortal remains. Should it please the dead, a listicle…


What combination of hues make red

Struggling with colors and color schemes? In this article, comic artist Ann Maulina explains how to use local colors and environment colors along with other tips for creating harmonious illustrations!

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