painting learning

paintingpainting learning

Learning the basics of oil painting roses

An intensive introduction to the painting skills you need to paint in oils with enjoyment and success. No previous art experience needed. Course based in Chiswick, West London in artists studios, suitable for beginners and refreshers. We learn from the Masters all the time, but there is no one style to copy!

paintingpainting learning

What is your technique for learning painting?

Many new artist struggle with focusing on a certain style of art making. There are so many styles we want to try and it seems hard to focus on a certain style, and even harder to settle on one style. But do you have to settle on one style? And if you want to, how can you approach your journey to discover your style? Check the blog for my thoughts that can help you focus on a style that works for you.

paintingpainting learning

YouTube videos for learning oil painting techniques

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