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Take your new dog to the veterinarian within a week for a general health check, vaccinations and a preventative flea/tick medicine. It’s likely that your shelter, rescue or reputable breeder already vaccinated, microchipped and spayed or neutered your dog, but if not, you’ll need to request a microchip and make a spay/neuter appointment as well.

Essay on Dog for Students and Children

The dog is a pet animal. A dog has sharp teeth so that it can eat flesh very easily, it has four legs, two ears, two eyes, a tail, a mouth, and a nose. It is a very clever animal and is very useful in catching thieves. It runs very fast, barks loudly and attacks the strangers. A dog saves the life of the master from danger. One can find dogs everywhere in the world. Dogs are a very faithful animal. It has a sharp mind and a strong sense of hearing smelling the things. It also has many qualities like swimming in the water, jumping from anywhere, good smelling sense.

essay on dog

Importance of Dog

A dog has a strong power of smell. They are more liked by people because of their faithfulness. They are intelligent, they are watchfulness. The dogs have many colors such as grey, white, black, brown and red. They are of many kinds such as bloodhound, greyhound, german shepherd, Labrador, Rottweiler, bulldog poodle, etc.

Usually, the dog eats fish, meat, milk, rice, bread, etc. Dogs are sometimes called canines. Dogs are sometimes referred to as man’s best friend because they are kept as domestic pets and are usually loyal and like being around humans. They are also helpful in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness and even improve your cardiovascular health. A dog also provides valuable companionship for older adults.

The dogs are so loyal to his master that nothing can induce him to leave his master. His master might be a poor man or even a beggar but still, the dog will not leave his master from far off. Dogs see their master coming home from work they rush to them and jump on them to show their love. Dogs are honest friends who are always ready to die to save a friend. It can bite a thief or stranger when they ignore its barking and try to mischief. Dogs always give security to the owner day and night.

Life Span 0f a Dog

The lifespan of a dog is very small however it can live around 12-15 years long which depend on their size such as smaller dogs lives a longer life. A female dog gives birth to a baby and feed milk that’s why dogs under the mammal category. The dog baby is called a puppy or pup and dog home is called kennel. Dogs are categorized according to their service to people such as guard dogs, herding dogs, hunting dogs, police dogs, guide dogs, sniffer dogs, etc. It has a strong power of smell with the assistance of police can arrest murderers, thieves, and dacoits. The Military trains the dogs to track and detect bombs.

Detection dogs can be employed at airports, police stations, borders, and schools. Tracking and Hunting dogs, hounds, terriers, and dachshund are the most popular types of hunting and tracking dogs. These dogs are trained to be the eyes, ears, and retrievers for their human companions.

Preparing your home

Prepare the items your dog will need in advance. You’ll need a flat-buckle or martingale collar and identification tag, a harness and a 6-foot nylon leash, food and water bowls, a bed—and toys! We recommend toys that are unlikely to be swallowed, such as Nylabones (not to be confused with rawhide, which we don’t recommend), until you have a sense of whether your dog will shred or ingest toys.

You might also consider an appropriately sized crate or enclosed pet playpen that’s large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in for use as a safe, quiet “den.”

If you know what kind of food your dog has been eating, buy a small bag to keep their diet consistent. You can always change food down the road, but you’ll want to gradually mix the current food with the new food to avoid upsetting their stomach.

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Establish a routine

Determine your dog care regimen in advance with the human members of your household. Who will walk your dog and when? How often will you feed your dog? Will your dog be allowed on the furniture or will they initially need to adjust to a crate? Where will they rest at night? Are there any rooms in the house that are off-limits?

Arrange for your dog to arrive during a weekend or when you can be home for a few days. Get to know each other and spend some quality time together. For the first few weeks, you’ll want to make sure you establish a routine with your dog so they know what to expect and grow to trust you, but don’t rush your new dog into unfamiliar situations. It can be tempting to take them to a busy park or dog park or to bring them to the pet supply store to pick out toys, but most dogs will be overwhelmed simply by the transition to your home. So keep things as quiet and consistent as possible for the first week or more. Feed and walk your dog, and come and go from work around the same times each day.

When you do leave home, consider leaving your dog with an enrichment item, such as a stuffed treat toy or puzzle food bowl. This provides mental and physical distraction and can prevent issues such as separation anxiety.

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Prepare for house-training

Assume your new dog is not house-trained and work from there. Be consistent and maintain a routine. Bear in mind that many house-trained dogs might initially eliminate in your home while they get used to a new environment and routine; you can prevent this by taking them out every few hours.

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